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A few EVP's, Spirit Box and Pic Highlights

Here are a few evp's, spirit box and pic highlights we like to share. We have a ton so as time permits check back and we will rotate these out. 

F__k Yeah (wav)


No and Death (wav)


Shut Up (wav)


Stupid (wav)


Yes and Sir Roberts (wav)


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Founder John M Mackey started his career as an investigator in 2005, later obtaining his state license in 2010 when Missouri mandated and placed it into law. While John was always curious about the paranormal and having personal experiences he created the Cape Girardeau Paranormal Research along with his wife Kathy. Together they traveled to places such as Waverly Hills Sanatorium exploring the old TB hospital and famous Death Tunnel to the Myrtles Plantation. John and Kathy early on knew they needed a team of professionals that they could count on. As the years go by and cases are completed, John and Kathy have a team that is above all others. They range from licensed private detective's to human resource managers. Everyone brings an area of expertise with them and their own paranormal experiences. We have one that can clear your home, sending spirits to where they need be as well as conduct house blessings. Paranormal Investigations discovering ghosts spirits and exploring the alleged haunted house is a passion of ours.

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We are a team of professionals ranging from licensed Private Investigators to Human Resource managers.

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